The Worm Queen

October 2-4
@'92 Theater

Featuring evil worms and good queens and a lot of strange things in between.

Writer & Director: Will McGhee
Stage Manager: Maia Nelles-Sager
Assistant Stage Manager: Dan Bachman


Props Designer: Jess Cummings
Set Designer: Anthony Dean
Sound Designer: Griffin Deary
Costume/Makeup Designer: Emily Feher
Lighting Designer: Phillip Heilbron
Fight Choreographer: Aaron Josephs
Cuttlefish Technician: Kayla Schlenz
Master Electrician: Avi Stein
Master Carpenter: Benjamin Yap
Light Board Operator: Becca Engle
Run Crew: Allison Cronan, Sofi Goode


Vessel: Max Cembalest
Root: Adam Desantes
Dr. Blakemore: Russell Goldman
Mary: Emma Hagemann
Lizzie: Kai Magee
Margaret: Zoe Thrasher
Charlie: Jordan Tragash


Dan Bachman, Emily Feher, Russell Goldman, Cicily Clare Gruber, Charlotte Kanzler, Mason Lee, Maia Nelles-Sager, Alex Newkirk, Giorgia Sage, Thor Schooner