Weekend Changes

Second Stage does not approve requests from shows to change weekends. Show flow weekend decisions are made with thought and care for the entire season, and requests to change weekends after show flow decisions have been made will not be granted.

Shows may be granted an exception to this official policy if:

  1. A show is unable, after reasonable effort, to locate a performance space on their assigned weekend.
    1. Note: reasonable effort includes contacting the Campus Space Coordinators on Second Stage Staff.
  2. Second Stage finds that a show is unable to obtain rights on the weekend in question, but is able to obtain rights on a different weekend within the same season.
  3. Second Stage obtains new information that may affect a show’s current weekend. In this case, only Second Stage may initiate the weekend change.

Procedure for obtaining an exception to this policy:

  1. At any given time, a show or Second Stage may initiate a weekend change.
  2. If a show wishes to request a weekend change, they must notify their GAs.
  3. If Second Stage wishes to enact a weekend change, they must notify the show.
  4. Upon notification, all of Second Stage staff will decide if the particular show meets one of the above listed exceptions. 
  5. If the show does not meet the exception, a weekend change will not be granted.
  6. If the show does meet the exception, Second Stage will inform the show and request a list of preferred alternate dates.
    1. Note: When Second Stage contacts the show at this phase, it will be made clear that this does not constitute an exception to the policy. This is merely informing the show that they qualify for an exception and requesting further information so that Second Stage can decide if an exception will be granted.
  7. After receiving notice that the show qualifies for an exception, the show is required to notify their entire design team of the possible weekend change. The show is further required to inform Second Stage of any potential changes to the design team resulting from the proposed weekend change.
  8. Second Stage will notify other shows on the weekends of preferred alternate dates and request their opinion regarding the change.This opinion will be given high consideration as Second Stage decides whether to grant the policy exception. However, only Second Stage has final power of approval over whether an exception is granted.
    1. Note: Second Stage does not advise shows to contact other shows directly regarding weekend changes.
    2. Note: It is the responsibility of the GAs for the show requesting the weekend change to contact and communicate with other shows going up on the weekends being looked at for change and communicate their concerns to Staff.
  9. Second Stage will then decide if a policy exception has been granted and notify the show of the decision within 24 hours of the decision.
  10. Second Stage will then obtain rights for the show on the new weekend and GAs will resume regular efforts to assist the show.
  11. The show is required to inform the design team of the new weekend. The show is further required to inform Second Stage of any changes to the design team resulting from the finalized weekend change.


GA- general advisors; A show has two to three second stage staff members specifically chosen to assist the show with any problems that may arise throughout the process. Should a show have any problem, the GA is the primary point of contact with Second Stage and should be the first to know of any problems associated with the show. 
Show- refers to the Director, Stage Manager, and any other significant members of the team, such as Music Director
Design Team- refers, in this case, to all designers, assistants, electricians, carpenters, and any other person who has committed to assist with the production
Second Stage- refers to all Second Stage staffers considered to be active and, if during the semester, on campus when the exception is requested.
Show Flow- the date at the end of each semester on which Second Stage decides which shows have been approved for the next semester and when each show will occur.

Notice regarding Second Stage Policy:

Second Stage always attempts to best serve the needs of the Wesleyan theater community. Thus, Second Stage policy is considered fluid- it may be altered or amended at any time as the needs of the Wesleyan theater community grow and change. Second Stage pledges to always attempt to give a show time to adjust after the adoption of a new policy. Whenever possible, Second Stage will attempt to grandfather shows into new policy, such that only shows whose show flow date follows the effective date of a policy are required to follow said policy. Shows whose show flow date precedes the effective date of a policy have the option of following the new policy or remaining with the earlier policy.