Sunset Baby

@'92 Theater

Sunset Baby brings to life what happens when Kenyatta, a former leader of a Black revolutionary movement seeks to reconnect with his daughter Nina after the death of her mother. As father and daughter circle one another, old wounds are revealed, generational differences exposed, and blazing truths laid bare. The personal and the political collide in this powerful drama centered around family, survival and the nature of liberation.


Triston Ortiz
Naomi Williams


Directors: Ruby Fludzinski and Abike Sonubi
Stage Managers: Ari Liu and Adrianna Brown
Set Design: Jejomar Erln Ysit
Lighting Design: Hope Fourie
Costume Design: Lola Makombo and Zurich Deleon
Properties Design: Tiler Wilson
Sound Design: Grace Handy
Projections Operator: Francesca Woodbridge
Master Electrician: Levi Ask
Master Carpenter: Danielle Loo


Kevin Holliday
Sultan Olusekun
King Emeka
Nahshon Williams