Student Eligibility for Participation in Second Stage Shows

Second Stage does not permit non-enrolled Wesleyan students to participate in Second Stage productions in any capacity. It is considered a legal liability if people who are not Wesleyan students use any Second Stage tools or participate in any activities that could be construed as dangerous while affiliated with a Second Stage production. 

Shows may be granted an exception to this official policy if:

  1. The person in question is not involved in any activities that could be construed as dangerous while participating in the Second Stage production.
    1. Dangerous activities may include certain acting activities, the use of all tools, lifting or carrying materials, or any other activities Second Stage deems to be potentially unsafe. 
  2. Note: Individuals who are not enrolled in Wesleyan University cannot participate in One Day Plays.
  3. Note: No exception to this policy may come into conflict with any Wesleyan University official policy.
    • Reminder, students who are taking a semester off are not permitted to be on campus during that time. However, Second Stage acknowledges that there are many ways to be involved in a Second Stage production that do not include being on campus.

Procedure for obtaining an exception to this policy:

  1. At any given time, a show or individual may request an exception to this policy. At this time, the individual or show must contact their GA or the acting Managing Liaison of Second Stage. The individual must detail, in writing, the precise activities they intend to participate in while working on the production.
  2. Upon notification, all of Second Stage staff will decide if the individual complies with the above listed exception.
    • In making this decision, Second Stage will consult with the Manager of the ‘92 who will look into the liability issues associated with non- Wesleyan students working with Second Stage.
  3. If the individual fails to meet the exception, the individual will be notified within 24 hours of the decision and barred from full participation in the production or restricted to certain activities on the production.
  4. If the individual does meet the exception, Second Stage will inform the individual and the DSM team of the production in question. It is the responsibility of the DSM team to ensure the Design Team understands the restrictions on the participation of this individual.

Consequence for failing to comply with this policy:

  1. If an individual not enrolled in Wesleyan University is found to be participating in a production, or an individual who has been granted an exception is found to be participating improperly in a production, Second Stage reserves the right to:
    • Flag the show according to the severity of the participation. For example, if an individual not enrolled in the University is found to have used the table saw, this is grounds for a mid-level offense (yellow) and no further use of the shop for that production.
    • Barr the individual from all further participation in the production in any capacity.


Enrolled Wesleyan Student- any individual who is considered a student by the Wesleyan Registrar’s Office and can provide an enrolled student verification to that end
GA- general advisors; A show has two to three second stage staff members specifically chosen to assist the show with any problems that may arise throughout the process. Should a show have any problem, the GA is the primary point of contact with Second Stage and should be the first to know of any problems associated with the show. 
Show- refers to the Director, Stage Manager, and any other significant members of the team, such as Music Director
Design Team- refers, in this case, to all designers, assistants, electricians, carpenters, and any other person who has committed to assist with the production
Second Stage- refers to all Second Stage staffers considered to be active and, if during the semester, on campus when the exception is requested.

Notice regarding Second Stage Policy:
Second Stage always attempts to best serve the needs of the Wesleyan theater community. Thus, Second Stage policy is considered fluid- it may be altered or amended at any time as the needs of the Wesleyan theater community grow and change. Second Stage pledges to always attempt to give a show time to adjust after the adoption of a new policy. Whenever possible, Second Stage will attempt to grandfather shows into new policy, such that only shows whose show flow date follows the effective date of a policy are required to follow said policy. Shows whose show flow date precedes the effective date of a policy have the option of following the new policy or remaining with the earlier policy.