Second Stage is:

Pryor Krugman
Managing Liaison
(404) 338-0769,

Rowan Hair
Building & Maintenance Liaison, Historian
(202) 445-0169,

Max Halperin
Lights & Projections Liaison, Campus Space Coordinator
(857) 389-3992,

Ramsay Burgess
Rights & Royalties Manager, Props Manager, Communication Manager,
One Day Plays Coordinator, AnyStage Coordinator
(301) 221-6277,

Thea LaCrosse
Outreach & Development, Props Manager, Historian
(603) 252-6840,

Esmé Ng
Staff Dramaturg, Costume Manager, Workshops Coordinator
(718) 354-7791,

Matt Grimaldi
Outreach & Development, Staff Dramaturg, One Day Plays Coordinator

(781) 879-8684,

Keith Jones
New Member
(516) 398-6703,

Annabella Machnizh
New Member

(845) 826-0722,

If you want to be a part of the team fill out this form! A staff member will reach out to talk specifics!


For general inquiries, feel free to email the current Managing Liaison.