Show Apps

At the middle and end of every semester, Second Stage opens an application form for directors looking to put on shows during the upcoming theatrical season. After we close the form to any further submissions, we meet as a staff to curate the next season. We are restricted by the school on the number of shows we can produce per semester, so we can only pick up to twelve shows to produce.

This page aims to provide some insight in how we decide which shows to pick and what to include in your application to make it as strong as possible. Additionally, never underestimate the power of reaching out to a staff member. Communicating with us even before your show gets accepted often lets us know that you are passionate about your project and want to take full responsibility for the performance. We expect shows to communicate regularly once they get accepted, so please don’t be scared to reach out to us at any point with any questions!


Picking a Script



Plays vs. Musicals



Performance Location



Production Teams




We do not evaluate requested budgets as part of our selection process. We ask for estimated budgets in our show application form because it lets us expedite the budget approval process if your show gets selected. If you feel that you have justification for your requested budget, then go for it! Be sure to talk to our current Right & Royalties staffer to get a sense of how much you should budget for rights (it’s usually more than you except, especially for musicals!).


Winter Intensive