MAY 3-5

Berenger, a likeable but somewhat alcoholic everyman figure, meets his friend Jean for a drink. As the overly-efficient Jean criticizes Berenger for his drinking and his tardiness, a rhinoceros is suddenly spotted rumbling through the bustling streets of their city. This absurdist drama depicts the struggle of humanity to maintain identity and integrity alone in a world where all others have succumbed to the “beauty” of the herd.


Berenger: Ariel Fromm
Jean: Andrew Dalton
Daisy: Celina Gray Bernstein
Dudard: Christopher Desanges
Botard/Cafe Proprietor: Dariush Yaz
Housewife: Nicole Boyd
Logician/Fireman: Matthew Seidenfeld
Grocer's Wife/Little Old Man's Wife: Julia Chung
Grocer/Little Old Man: Franklin Gu
Mrs. Boeuf/Old Gentleman: Olive Wexler
Waitress/Mr(s.) Papillon: Grace Stanfield


Director: Jordan Tragash
Assistant Director: Ray Jordan Achan
Stage Manager: Lea Moore
ASM: Betsy Zaubler
Sound Designer/Composer: Gabriel Drozdov
Assistant Sound Designer: Aïli Niimura
Props Designer: Andy Tan
Set Designer: Susana Hair
Set Painter: Erin Rose
Light Designer: Zack Lobel
Assistant Light Designer: Wilson Lai
Costume Designer: Sofie Rose Somoroff
Assistant Costume Designer: Mae Davies
Fight Choreographer: Aaron Josephs
Publicity: Adam Munawar Rahman
Master Electrician: Devon Cooper
Electricians: Anik Bernstein, Sam Driver
Master Carpenter: Levi Ask
Carpenters: Rose Shuker-Haines, Tom Fischer, Ava Grob
Photographer: Sige Zheng