Production Templates

Stage managers and theatrical teams need to keep track of items (like their budgets) throughout the production process. Second Stage provides standardized templates so that our staffers can easily check on your records and make decisions (like approving purchases) accordingly.

We create our forms as Google Sheets documents so that you can easily copy the form and share it with your Second Stage advisors and team members.



Our budget template automatically keeps track of your expenses so that you can always know how much remaining funds you have left to spend. Remember that you can't make purchases until an item is approved by a staff member, which will be denoted in the appropriate column by the staffer's initials.

For more information on reimbursements, click here.

Click here to view an example budget.

Click here to view the empty budget template.



Ticket Reservations

Second Stage productions offer ticket reservations for individuals who worked on the show as well as anyone except for Wesleyan students. We do this to promote inclusivity, and you can read more about our policy here.

This form can be modified to add additional performances when necessary, and features columns for staff members to check-in reservations before each performance. The form automatically accounts for the necessary reservations needed for ushers and staff representatives, which is why your remaining tickets begin at a negative number (since the values automatically update as you fill in the form).

Click here to view an example ticket reservations form.

Click here to view the empty ticket reservations template.