by Stacy Davidowitz

FEB. 21-23

Over the course of one summer night at sleepaway camp in the American Midwest, look into the unexpectedly dark and dangerous world of twelve-year-old girls, For the girls of Bunk 14, it’s an intimate microcosm of the adult world they’re desperate to inhabit.

This play discusses and deals with culturally pressing issues of sexual violence, discrimination and abuse, but raises questions of how these issues can be far more nuanced than the ways in which we understand it today. They can (and have) manifest in the most unexpected places as we grow up and come to terms with ourselves, what our morals are, our sexualities and identities.


Ashley: Luna Mac-Williams
Zoe: Elim Lee
Tracy: Grace Stanfield
Samantha: Caridad Cruz
Abby: Abby Meyers


Director: Annie Ning
Assistant Director: Kira Newmark
Stage Manager: Susanna Kim
Assistant Stage Manager: Sophie Green
Intimacy Choreographer: Rachele Merliss
Dance Choreographer: Rachele Merliss
Set Designer: Hope Fourie
Associate Set Designer: Justina Yam
Carpenter: Danielle Lobo
Props Designer: Justina Yam
Lighting Designers: Zack Lobel and Wilson Lai
Projections Designer: Wilson Lai
Sound Designer: Sherwin Yu
Costumes Designer: Hope Fourie
Assistant Costume Designer: Olivia Gracey
Makeup and Hair Designer: Angelica Cucueco
Publicity Designer: Hannah Cooper
Sound Board Operator and Fly Grip: Annie Kidwell
Projections Operator: Shu Liu
Production Managers: Analiese Guettinger and Max Halperin