Performance Locations

Second Stage is home to the Patricelli '92 Theater, where numerous student and department productions go up every semester in a variety of arrangements. Nevertheless, we don't have enough available weekends for every show to go up in the '92, and not every show wants to go up in a traditional theater space. While we try not to restrict the possible performance locations for Second Stage productions, there are several spaces that shows have consistently utilized in the past.

We still experience fluctuating issues booking certain spaces from year-to-year, so this list is not a promise of available locations. Additionally, this page is not an excuse to avoid conducting your own in-person research.

To see the Vectorworks files and plans for each location, please click here.


+ Patricelli '92 Theater

Second Stage's flagship performance space, located right next to Memorial Chapel (connected via the Zelnick Pavilion). The '92 features a proscenium stage, although many shows opt for alternative audience arrangements. The theater is equipment with a light grid and tech booth, as well as wall-mounted speakers. There isn't much to say about the '92 because the space is so flexible that all types of performances are possible here. Checkout specific riser configuratios here.

+ WestCo Café

WestCo is one of Second Stage's most popular performance spaces. The Café is an large, empty rectangle located in the basement of WestCo and accessible via an exterior stairwell. The space's flexibility is perfect for a wide range of musicals and plays, which can utilize the space in either orientation and with or without chairs. Students should note that the walls are plastered with graffiti and that any set design in the space should be aware of the (sometimes vulgar) imagery on every wall.

+ Alpha Delta Phi (ADP, 185 High St.)

ADP has housed numerous Second Stage productions throughout its versatile building.

The Greene Room, located on the ground floor, is a narrow chamber hall featuring a grand piano and a loft. The space is small enough that musicals require little extra amplification for singers, but also small enough that audience members usually have to utilize stools instead of chairs to accommodate a decently large number of attendees.

The Grotto, located in the building's basement, is an intimate performance space that many shows have utilized to gain a pseudo-club atmosphere. The location is good for non-linear audience arrangements, or for typical row-based layouts with atypical staging techniques. Both musicals and plays thrive in the Grotto especially because the space is just so fun.

+ Psi Upsilon (Psi U, 242 High St.)

Psi U has a really fun and funky common area with a grand piano and unique staging opportunities. The space has a very neutral vibe and thus shows can exert their own aesthetic onto the location, whether the production is a musical or a play.

+ 200 High St.

Located across the street from ADP, 200 High St. has been home to various program houses such Eclectic Society, Music House, and Movement House. The building's ground floor features a large, open area that provides ample space for a sizeable audience with theatrical lighting and sound equipment.

While the space is prime for theater, productions need to consider that the building's second floor is residential and we cannot prevent individuals from using the central stairwell during performances.

+ Malcolm X House (345 High St.)

X House is the closest location to the actual Theater Department. The performance space can be found next to the Health Center and is accessible via a descending outdoor stairwell. The space is good for small to medium-size performances, although shows should be aware of its low ceiling..