There is no time.

There is almost always an open weekend in the Patricelli '92 Theater towards the beginning of every semester, but there is no time to put up a full student production because there is almost no time to audition and rehearse.

What if we instead only had 24 hours to write, direct, and act in short original plays?


The party's open to everyone.

One-Day Plays (ODP) is Second Stage's initiative to start off every season with a bang by letting students create raw, fun theater with no stipulations. We invite anyone, including people without any theater background, to sign up for ODP and do basically whatever they want. Additionally, ODP goes up in the '92, so you'll get a chance to work in our largest theatrical space!


Our standards are very low.

We don't expect anything out of ODP plays. They can be good, bad, happy, sad, funny, musical, or really anything as long as in the end they get performed in front of an audience. (We don't mean this as an insult to any past ODP productions. We just won't regulate what you do!)


For more information, please contact the current One-Day Plays Coordinators.