One-Day Plays

Spring 2019

FEB. 9



By Hugo Kessler

Directed by David Annex

Starring Daniel Knopf, Jonah Skulnik and Abhishek Fakiraswaimath



Ellis Collier and Abigail Weiss

Directed by Max Halperin

Starring Jeremy Sherman and Ella Sinfield


Here’s Hoping

Gabby Baba-Conn and Elijah Comas

Directed by Phie Jacobs

Starring Ted Heirzman and Adam Hickey


The Real Curse is Humanity

By Cameron Berry

Directed by Sophie Green

Starring Maren Westgard and Penelope Lutvak


Chunky Rat

By Abigail Daly-Smith and Jacob Casel

Directed by Max Halperin

Starring Max Halperin and Annie Kidwell


The Rice Play

By Bodhi Small

Directed by Anna Apostolidis

Starring Adam Kilbasa and Steve Guzman


Freddy’s Conception

By Zoe Kaplan, Alessandra Viegas, and Hannah Berman

Directed by Drew Weiss and Elanor Raab

Starring Charlie Bondhas and Hannah Gearan

Abhishek fakiraswaimaths opinion of this season of The Bachelor is disappointing

Adam Hickey is convinced that Wyoming is a lie told by the government to hide Dick Cheney’s true origins.

Annie Kidwell daydreams that she could sleep standing up and walk on her hands

Charles Bondhus needs to know what you need to be on to write chunky rat and wants some

Daniel Knopf is ready to give someone the Zucc

David Annex has discovered that Mark Zuckerberg is a furry and worships the intimidator.

Drew Weiss also likes to eat onions on whole. Like an apple. #bitetheonion

Elanor Rabb eats whole onions on the regular like apples #bitetheonion

Ella Sinfield will probably trip during the show (and gives you permission to laugh and point)

Hannah Gearan is still mad about the 2014 Oscars

Jeremy Sherman can balance a droplet of water on his head

Jonah Skolnik was replaced by his clone weeks ago

Maren Westgard likes the color yellow and calls corn kernels nibblets

Max Halperin loves one day plays

Penelope Lutvak owns three copies of Shrek on DVD. And one copy of Shrek 2

Sophie Green can rap all of Ludacris’ part in Baby by Justin Beiber

Ted Heitzmann thinks deadlines belong in the past