Murder on the Beantown Express

November 3-5

Written and Directed by Hugo Kessler

At 11:22 AM on Novembers the third, fourth, and fifth, a young and pretty crappy filmmaker, Jackie Parks, was murdered on an Amtrak train traveling from New York to Boston. No one knew why. No one knew how. All we did know was that her documentary about the election would remain unfinished for all eternity. What a shame. Luckily, there was a clever(ish) detective who just happened to witness the murder. Unfortunately, the six other witnesses happened to be petulant, whiny adults. And thus began the wild ride of Murder on the Beantown Express.

Writer/Director: Hugo Kessler
Stage Manager: Kira Newmark
Asst. Stage Manager: Nell Buechler
Set Designer: Daniel Gordon
Lighting Designer: Kai Magee
Costume Designer: Hannah Wolfe Eisner
Sound Designer: Grace Handy
Props Designer: Ilana Newman
Makeup Designer: Elizaveta Kravchenko
Master Carpenter: Blake Pritchard
Master Electrician: Susana Hair
Set Assistant: Devon Cooper
Costume Assistant: Wei-Ling Carrigan
Lighting Assistant: Huiqin Hu

Charlie Barrett
Eddie Chapman
Ariel Edelman
Sophie Elwood
Ella Larsen
Jack Warren
Willis Weinstein
Hannah Levin
Dan Maxx Bachman