Mama Mia's Pizzeria

Three words-->Pizza. Marriage. Dads.

Sophie is working at her mother’s Pizza joint, in the heart of Little Italy, New York City. Her mother is Donna, the “Mamma” of “Mamma Mia’s Pizzeria”, the most lucrative and cherished family-owned business in town. It’s also a plus because it’s the only woman-run pizza joint in all of Little Italy, which is seen by the townspeople as very progressive. The two make pizza as they sing their working songs, like “MAMMA MIA” and “WATERLOO”.


Creative Team
Director: Jess Wolinsky
Art/co-Director: Sofie Somoroff
Stage Manager: Zack Lobel
Music Director: Ali Felman
Scenic Designer: Jejomar Ysit
Lighting Designer: Gandharv Motial Chawla
Sound Designer: Miranda Gohh
Costume Designer: Campbell Silverstein
aster Electrician: Rachele Merliss

These are the traditional songs of the grocery supply company they get their pizza ingredients from: A.B.B.A., or “Aliment* for the Bustling Businesses of America”.

But all goes awry when the hottest man in town--Sky--and his father, Mario, open up a hip new pizza parlor/bar down the street, called “Mario’s”. Think “Krust” down the street from “Mondo”.

This is blasphemy for Sophie and Donna, as they trust family-owned pizza more than anything, and the hipsters that used to come to their pizza joint leave them for Mario’s. So they have to go see how much threat they are really under.

When they go to Mario’s, something unimaginable happens. Sky sees Sophie and drools. It’s love at first sight.

Mayhem occurs.

Come find out!

(This musical will be an original script with the songs of MAMMA MIA the musical, so with the songs from ABBA. It will be a blast. Come audition!)

*a real word that means "food". Look it up.