Little Shop of Horrors


Murder? Music? Botany? Cool? Come join your Little Shop of Pals as they recall the story of a bumbling flower shop employee as he stumbles upon an extraterrestrial man-eating plant. Watch as he debates the price of success, searches for love and commits murder.

Trigger warning: Domestic abuse

Thursday November 9 at 8pm
Friday November 10 at 8pm
Saturday November 11 at 7pm


Audrey: Avery Pedell
Seymour: Christopher Desanges
Mr. Mushnik: Drew Weiss
Orin Scrivello, D.D.S: Payton Millet
Audrey II: Cameron Smith
Ronnette: Polly Pierone
Crystal: Imani Crews
Chiffon: Thea LaCrosse
Ensemble: Jules Chabot, Hugo Kessler, Maria Noto, Tessa Zitter


Director: Sophie Brett-Chin
Stage Manager: Amelia Spittal
Assistant Stage Manager/Assistant Director: Sophie Elwood
Assistant Stage Managers: Talia Feldscher, Rosa Munson-Blatt
Music Director: Maddie Ulevich
Choreographer: Cara Bendich

Set Designer: Capri Cehred-O’Connell
Light Designer: Sam Petersen
Costume Designer: Dominoe Jones
Assistant Costume Designer: Esha Bhandari
Sound Designer: Gabriel Drozdov
Assistant Sound Designer: Eli Solomon
Hair/Makeup Designer: Katie Hohl
Assistant Hair/Makeup: Daniela Estrada
Props Designer: Ramsay Burgess
Master Electrician: Sydney Taylor-Klaus
Master Carpenter: Blake Pritchard
Assistant Carpenter: Devon Cooper
Publicity/Photography: Ginger Hollander

Second Stage General Advisors: Aaron Josephs & Danielle Lobo


Piano: Madeleine Kusel
Guitar: Alex Tripp
Bass: Johnnie Gilmore
Drums: Zack Hersh
Reeds: Ethan Chupp
Reeds: Daniel Gordon
Trumpet: Ben Russman
Trumpet: Hannah Gillis


Emma Johnson, Danielle Lobo, Phillip Heilbron, Gabriel Drozdov, Hope Fourie, Susana Hair, Dominoe Jones, Aaron Josephs, Sammy Morreale, Annie Ning, Maggie Rothberg, Jordan Tragash, Tekla Monson, Devon Cooper