Theatrical Equipment

One of the most important benefits of putting up a show through Second Stage is gaining access to our arsenal of theatrical equipment. We have full inventories of props, costumes, lighting instruments, sound equipment, carpentry materials, and more. Naturally, you're probably then wondering what we specifically have available for you to use.

The best way to find out what we have available to is talk to the appropriate staff member for a specific design department. We know best what's available to use and will even teach you how to use equipment that you're uncomfortable handling. In the case that we do not have something you need, your show can budget in the purchase so that you can get reimbursed. In the case that you'd like to only rent something, speak to the appropriate staff member and they will handle the rental.

To check out any items from the ‘92 Theater Shop and Lighting Departments, please fill out the following form:


Equipment Inventories

We don’t post our equipment inventories publicly to avoid any potential misuse of equipment and also because our lists fluctuate frequently/often become out-of-date. Once again, please contact the appropriate staff member for specific information about what we have.

Nevertheless, you may just be wondering what general resources you have for your Second Stage production. Here is a general rundown of some things you can expect:

  • Theatrical lighting instruments (source-fours, fresnels, LEDs, etc.)

  • Portable lightboard

  • Wireless microphones (lapel, clip-on, and handheld)

  • Portable speakers

  • Digital soundboard (for the ‘92 exclusively)

  • Analog soundboard

  • Cables on cables on cables (XLR, DMX, etc.)

  • Intercoms (for the ‘92 exclusively)

  • Power tools and carpentry machinery (located in the ‘92)

  • Projectors

  • Silverware and plates props

…and so much more!