Give Us Feedback!

Second Stage offers several opportunities for individuals to provide feedback and hopefully improve the production process, increase inclusivity, and more.


After every show, a Second Stage OND (Outreach & Development) staffer will meet with the show’s director and stage manager to discuss the production process and solicit feedback for future productions. We also hold postmortems for each show’s production team so designers have a space to reflect on Second Stage and their show.

We understand that many individuals may want to offer feedback on Second Stage in other circumstances. If you have any thoughts on what we’re doing well or what we can improve, please feel free to fill out our anonymous feedback form (below). We ask that responses be productive and not just venting about Second Stage, as we will use suggestions to practically improve what we have the power to. If you ever feel the need to directly communicate with staff about how we operate, please reach out to an OND member and they will relay your comments back to staff.