The Flag System

Second Stage is responsible for assuring the safety of students as well as its inventory of expensive equipment. We have a flag system for delivering warnings and punishments when productions perform unsafe actions or carelessly handle our equipment. We do not want to punish productions, but we have to put on numerous shows every semester and cannot afford to replace broken equipment every year. (We can't replace broken people either!)

Should everyone on your team listen to the Second Stage rules and contact staff whenever someone has a question, your team should never receive a flag.


Types of Flags

We have three degrees of flags to incur punishments if productions make repeat offenses. Please note that while this system seems strict, we have never had to shut down a production before. We reserve the right to manage design elements for liability purposes.

If an offense occurs and a flag is issued, your show will be notified within the day.

If an offense occurs during a run and a flag is issued, your show will be notified at least three (3) hours before the next show.

Low-Level (Blue) Flag

Low-level, or blue, flags are issued as warnings when a Second Stage staffer observes unsafe actions towards either people or equipment. In this case, the offender would be told how to correct the error, and the show may proceed without other restrictions.

Mid-Level (Yellow) Flag

Mid-level, or yellow, flags are issued as punishments when unsafe behavior is repeated several times. In this case, the offender is disallowed to work on their design category unless the decision is reversed by Second Stage staff. However, other members of the team trained in lighting equipment may continue to work on lighting.

High-Level (Red) Flag

High-level, or red, flags are issued as severe punishments when unsafe behavior is repeated numerous times despite warnings from Second Stage staff. In this case, no member of the team will be allowed to work on the design category unless the decision is reversed by Second Stage staff. Your show will need to find alternatives to the design element, such as only using house lights instead of theatrical lighting instruments.

Further incursions are punishable by cancellation of your production.




A staff member notices that some of your lights are not safety cabled.

Result: you would get a warning (low-level, or blue, flag).

In the following week, your lights are still not safety cabled after a staff member repeatedly informs you of the issue.

Result: you would get restrictions on any subsequent light alterations for your show (mid-level, or yellow, flag).

The next day, any infraction in lighting is incurred.

Result: lighting could be cut from your show, and you would have to illuminate using house lights only (high-level, or red, flag).

The next day, your team is throwing around lights like footballs and drinking (alcohol) in the theater.

Result: cancellation of your show.