Frequently Asked Questions

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The Basics

+ What is Second Stage?

We help put up student theater at Wesleyan! Second Stage is an organization that facilitates in the creation of student theater in a learning environment. We provide resources for student teams to put up shows around campus.

For more information on what we do, see our What We Do page, and to see who's who on staff, see our Who We Are page.

+ How many Second Stage shows go up every semester?

Second Stage produces up to twelve productions per semester. Depending on the number of applications we receive, we sometimes have fewer shows. In addition to our sponsored student productions, we put on One-Day Plays alongside readings and workshops through our AnyStage initiative.



Putting Up a Second Stage Production

+ How do I apply to put on a show?

Second Stage accepts show applications for the following season during certain points of the semester. We go through all of the applicants to curate the new season after reviewing creative teams, proposed shows, and what holistically makes sense to put up during the next season.

For more information, please check out our Show Apps page to know when we're next accepting show proposals and what you need to include in your application.

+ What do I need to put on a show?

Second Stage requires that you assemble your design team before submitting your show proposal, so please contact staff if you have issues finding team members. You will also need to submit your show of interest, as well as your justification for selecting that show for this particular season of student productions.

Check out our Show Apps page to learn everything you need to include in your application.

+ What resources do I have for my show?

In and under the Patricelli '92 Theater, we have collections of props, costumes, lighting instruments, sound equipment (i.e. microphones, speakers, etc.), as well as a scene shop. We also maintain an amicable relationship with the CFA's costume and prop shops. To see what we have available to students, check out our Inventories page.

Second Stage provides more than just equipment. We advise teams through the development and execution of their productions, teaching designers when necessary and checking in to make sure things are on track.

+ What performance spaces are available?

Second Stage productions go up in the '92 or in other campus spaces like WestCo Café and ADP. Directors of campus space shows will work with our Campus Space Coordinator to secure a location for their performance at the beginning of the semester. We are open to propositions for new performance spaces, but our options are limited by what Wesleyan will let us reserve as well as the technical limitations of the location.

+ Can I put up my thesis/class assignment with Second Stage?

Second Stage will not use its funding to finance curricular projects.



Joining the Wesleyan Theater Community

+ How can I get involved?

Students can direct, stage manage, design, or act in shows (along all of the other various jobs involved in theatrical production). We do not assemble theatrical teams. It is the responsibility for students to find their own opportunities, but we offer a few options to get started.

The Second Stage Listserv is an email newsletter where shows can send messages out asking for assistance on productions. Teams are almost always completely filled at the start of each semester, so you usually need to look out for openings for the following semester. We also maintain a list of designers interested in working on shows, which we will use to recommend designers when shows ask us for suggestions.

If you would like to join staff, click here for more information. Staff members gain invaluable administrative experience by producing up to twelve student productions every semester. This is a very time-consuming volunteer job and there are other ways to get involved in theater, so make sure Second Stage is right for you before applying.

+ How do I join the Listerv?

Click here to learn more about our Listserv and get on our email newsletter.

+ Is theater experience required in order to get involved?

Absolutely not! Second Stage is often students' first experience with theater, and our resources allow for a lot of experimentation in areas people have never had access to. Talk to a staff member if you'd like to learn more about how to best get involved in Wesleyan's theater community.



Second Stage's Resources

+ Does Second Stage have a costume shop?

Second Stage has a small collection of costumes and sewing machines located in the basement of the '92. Please contact our Costumes staffer(s) at least twelve (12) hours in advance to set up a time to look at the collection. The Center for the Arts has a much larger collection; they are located in the basement of the CFA theater (accessible through the theater building).

For more information, check out our Costumes page.

+ Where can I get props for my show?

Second Stage maintains a sizeable collection of hand props (i.e. small, hand-held props) in the basement of the '92 Theater. If you are looking for larger items (e.g. furniture, etc.), we recommend you look at the CFA theater's collection. Please contact our Properties Manager staffer(s) at least twelve (12) hours in advance to set up a time to look at the props closet.

For more information, check out our Props page.

+ Where should I print posters for my show?

You can print your posters directly through Wesleyan! Second Stage does not have its own printer, but the school offers inexpensive and quick printing services. If you choose to print elsewhere, the nearby Staples offer printing services as well.

For more information, check out our Tickets, Posters, and Programs page.



Watching Second Stage Productions

+ How do I get tickets for Second Stage shows?

Second Stage ticketing is entirely digital. We post ticket information for each production the week of its performance. This information will be available on this website's homepage. Tickets are completely free, but we are only able to offer as many tickets as there are seats in the performance space as to comply with fire safety regulations.

For more information, check out our Tickets, Posters, and Programs page.

+ Do I have to pay for tickets?

No! All Second Stage productions offer completely free admission. We still require digital ticket reservations due to limited seating.

+ How do you produce so many awesome shows without charging for admission?

Second Stage is an entirely volunteer organization funded by Wesleyan University. Our objective is not to make a profit, but to offer a safe learning environment for students to pursue their theater-related passions.

+ I am a pre-frosh interested in theater at Wesleyan. Who can I talk to?

Please contact any of our staff members! We are all eager to help out future Wesleyan students and would love to chat with you about theater at our school. If you contact us early enough in the week, we may even be able to reserve you a seat for a weekend performance!