APR. 25-27

The play cuts stories of three women and mixes them into one, to ask you to think about the complexities of the question: what's it like to be a woman, from past, to present, and to future? Time stops for no one. There might be struggles that just seem overdue enough to be eternal. But the world can never stay the same.

Trigger Warning: mental health, violence, abuse, death, guns, strong lighting, racial/racist language, and homophobic language.


Mary/Spencer: Uresa Ahmeti
Lucy/Effie: Inayah Bashir
Jane/Y: Elizabeth Nefferdorf


Director: Clarity Bian + Izzy Koff
Stage Manager: Jiayao Zhu
Stage Manager: Plearn Janvatanavit
Assistant Stage Manager: Thanmye Lagudu
Set Designer: Hongyuan Henry Yang
Assistant Set Designer: Yongxi Tan
Costume Designer: Sara Chen + Yanxiu Luo
Props Designer: Wis Ly
Assistant Props Designer: Zian Ann Zhang
Lighting Designer: Elam Grekin
Assistant Lighting Designer: Teresa Naval
Sound Designer: Ari Liu + Tong Kong
Fight Choreographer: Ramsay Burgess
Intimacy Choreographer: Rachele Antonía
Poster Designer: Ori Cantwell
Publicity: Alice Swan
Photographer: Chloé de Montgolfier
Videographer: Yizhuang Lin
Production Manager: Adam Munawar Rahman
Production Manager: Aby Crystal
Master Electrician: Yaqian Tang
Electricians: Matt Grimaldi + Daniel Knopf
Light Board Operator: Sebastian Tao
Sound Board Operator: Annabella Machnizh + Elijah Comas
Stage Hands: Ava Renée


Caitlin Sergi, Elijah Comas, Jared Christopher, Fiona Slusarev, Lucas Gray, Helen Karimi, Nick Taylor, Andrea Weires, Annie Ning, Ava Calabrese Grob, Ben Silverstone, Gabe Drozdov, Matt Grimaldi, Keith Jones