Edith Can Shoot Things And Hit Them

By A. Rey Pamatmat

NOV. 8-10

In the remotest part of Middle America, three kids - Kenny, his sister Edith, and their friend Benji - are all but abandoned on a farm with no parents, little food, and nothing in their bank account. Making up the rules as they go, they feed and care for each other as they begin to explore the gap between childhood and whatever comes next. When Kenny and Benji become more than just friends and Edith shoots something she shouldn’t, the outside world comes barging in on their little haven whether they want it to or not. 

Trigger Warning: Gunshot sounds

Content Warning: Presence of guns, childhood neglect and trauma, homophobic and ableist slurs


Edith: Candice April Cirilo
Kenny: Rama Co
Benji: Dabin Shin


Directors: Amira Leila S., Wenxuan Xue
Stage Managers: Susanna Kim, Jordan K. Legaspi
Assistant Stage Manager: Magine Slonaker
LIKHA Coordinator/Friend of the Production: Teresa Naval
Dramaturg: Nathan Pugh
Assistant Dramaturg: Shuyuan Liu
Scenic Designer: Daniel Gordon
Props Designer: Ariel Deutsch
Sound Designer: Adam Munawar Rahman
Lighting Designer: Hope Fourie
Assistant Lighting Designer: Wisly Juganda
Costume Designer: Helen Wang
Poster Designers: Maxine Go, Philippe Bungabong
Makeup Artist: Christianne Padilla
Publicity: Magine Slonaker


Production Manager: Annie Ning
Master Carpenter: Amanda Yeoh
Carpenters: Andy Tan, Yu Kai Tan, Max Sanborn
Master Electricians: Devon Cooper
Electricians: Levi Ask, Danielle Lobo, Sammy Morreale 
Wardrobe: Elijah Comas
Run Crew: Izzy Koff, Elijah Comas
Sound Board Operator: Jordan Legaspi
Light Board Operator: Magine Slonaker
Photographer: Thao Phan

“Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.