Design a Show

Second Stage does not assign designers to shows. This page is meant to provide suggestions to students looking to get involved in Wesleyan’s theater community as a designer. If you’re struggling or don’t know how to get started, please don’t be scared to reach out to a staff member. We’re just students trying to help out other students!


When directors submit a Show Application, we require that they already have a design team assembled. Therefore, it can be difficult finding design positions for shows during the current semester, and teams are usually assembled via networking and working on previous shows. We recommend that freshman and people trying to break into Wesleyan’s theater scene first take on technical roles to get to know theater makers at Wes and get comfortable doing theater. You can sometimes assistant design a production if you reach out to that team’s director as well!

Teams will sometimes reach out to us looking for designer recommendations or individuals to fill technical positions (we always need more electricians and carpenters!). If you want us to recommend you for productions, please fill out our interest form for designers.