February 18-20
'92 Theater

"Constellations" explores the ins and outs of a relationship and that relationship's experience with time. Or not.

Emma Hagemann
Ward Archibald

Director: Jess Wolinsky
Assistant Director: Rose Beth Johnson-Brown
Stage Manager: Olivia Morris
Assistant Stage Manager: Emily Apter
Set Designer: Lily Homer
Lighting Designer: Nola Werlinich
Sound Designer: Miranda Gohh
Costume Designer: Celina Gray Bernstein
Props Designer: Emily Feher
Dramaturg: Veronica Harrington
Master Electrician: Aileen Lambert
Assistant Electricians: Maia Nelles-Sager, Kat Kaplan, Torii Savannah Johnson, Tianxin Shi
Master Carpenter: Luke Schissler
Light Board Operator: Jenna Shelby-Glick
Sound Board Operator: Zack Lobel
Wardrobe Crew: Liz Mitts, Su-yang Yang
Run Crew: Campbell Silverstein, Ray Achan, Teresa Naval