Constance & Sinestra and the Cabinet of Screams

MARCH 29-31

A musical by Patrick Gleeson and Alexandra Spencer-Jones
Originally created by Action to the Word Theatre Company

Their mother died.
Their taxidermist father stuffed her in the living room and hasn't left the basement since.
The boy next door won't stop bothering them for a job.
The new bakers in town have a little too much interest in them.
The mean girl keeps throwing stones.
The fox-boy wants attention constantly.
The screams in the cabinet are just begging to be released.
How can Constance and Sinestra survive in a world that's unfair and mean?


Constance: Analiese Guettinger
Sinestra: Ramsay Burgess
Hereford: Sam Peterson
Ophelia Van De Scab/Dead Mum: Sophie Elwood
Victor Van De Scab/Grandfather: Ben Russman
Mad Dad: Elizaveta Kravchenko
Mean Girl/Rowland: Nicole Boyd
Hale: Miles Brooks, Max Halperin


Director: Ryan Dobrin
Assistant Director: Avery Rose Pedell
Set Design: Capri Gehred-O'Connell & Ava Calabrese Grob
Costume Design: Mae Davies & Nathan Mullen
Properties Design: Ilana Newman
Light Design: Elli Scharlin
Sound Design: Jack Warren
Hair and Make-up Design: Erin Rose
Poster Design/Publicity: Gabriel Drozdov
Artistic Collaborator: Annie Ning
Fight Choreography: Aaron Josephs


Stage Manager: Zoë Kaplan
Assistant Stage Manager: Thea LaCrosse
Music Director/Arrangements: David Vizgan
Vocal Coaching: Zoë Kaplan, Thea LaCrosse
Properties Assistant: Amy Geiger
Master Carpenter: Max Johnson
Master Electrician: Dylan Shumway
Light Board Operator: Thea LaCrosse
Sound Board Operator: Gabby King
Videographer: Christopher Jackson
Second Stage General Advisors: Adam Rahman & Jordan Tragash

Content Warning: ableism, child neglect/abuse