Circle Mirror Transformation


A Play by Annie Baker

In the small town of Shirley, Vermont, five strangers gather in a dance studio to embark on a unique journey in the form of a creative drama class for adults. Together, the class moves through a series of acting exercises, ranging from the heartbreaking to the ridiculous. In this one small room, through these few seemingly trivial games, quiet wars are waged, emotional wounds are nursed, and healing is finally, slowly, able to begin.

Thursday, October 12, 2017: 8PM
Friday, October 13, 2017: 8PM
Saturday, October 14, 2017: 8PM


Marty: Rachele Merliss
James: Jordan Tragash
Theresa: Capri Gehred-O’Connell
Schultz: Max Johnson
Lauren: Nicole Boyd


Director: Ramsay Burgess
Stage Manager: Pryor Krugman
Assistant Stage Manager: Ari Liu

Lighting Designer: Susana Hair
Sound Designer: Julia Mitchell
Set Designer: Ava Grob
Master of Properties: Ilana Newman
Costume Designer: Anna Bruckner
Imagery Designer: Daniel Osofsky
Master Electrician: Sydney Taylor-Klaus
Master Carpenter: Danielle Lobo
Makeup Designer: Erin Rose
Director of Publicity: Arianna Tomaddon

Carpenters: Lauren Stock, Henry Yang
Electricians: Devon Cooper, Nathan Silvern, Leila Kashani-Sabet, Oriana Ullman, Levi Ask
Light Board Operator: Lauren Stock
Sound Board Operator: Ari Liu
Projections Board Operator: An Pham

Second Stage General Advisors: Annie Ning, Dominoe Jones


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Samuel Morreale
Rebecca Foster
Jake Browsky
Annie Ning
Emma Johnson
Maggie Rothberg
Max Halperin
Ona Hauert