March 31 - April 2
WestCo Cafe

Joseph Heller brings his classic satirical novel to life in his stage adaptation of Catch-22.  Through the eyes of protagonist Yossarian, a bombardier stationed in Italy during WWII, the audience gets a laugh-out-loud look at the folly of war. Yossarian's greatest obstacles are the wacky characters on his army base. They all call him “crazy,” but is he really? Through humor and heart, Catch-22 asks the audience to decide who’s sane on this insane army base. The show follows Yossarian’s fight to escape the system he is trapped...a system where there is always a catch...

Director: Hannah Levin
Stage Manager: Kira Newmark
Set Designer: Anthony Dean
Lighting Designer: Mio Magee
Sound Designer: Griffin Deary