This weekend, Second Stage presents two shows:

Cardboard Piano

By Hansol Jung

MAY 2-4

Two sixteen year old girls -- an American missionary’s daughter, Chris, and a native Ugandan, Adiel -- conduct a marriage ceremony at their church in the middle of the night to consummate their taboo love. The war zone of 1999 Uganda encroaches on their fragile union, sending us on a heartbreaking and funny journey through religion and sexuality’s rocky intersection, and the complexities of reconciliation.


Adiel/Ruth: Shanna HP
Chris: Michayla Robertson-Pine
Pika/Francis: Fitzroy Pablo Wickham
Cameron Smith


Director: Eliza Wilkins
Assistant Director: Bofta Leakemariam
Stage Management: Teresa Naval, Karen Xu, Joanna Gerber, Shira Yeskel-Mednick
Dramaturg: Nathan Pugh
Outreach & Dramaturgical Support: Wenxuan Xue, Rodrick B Edwards
Dialect Coach: Monica Blaze Leavitt
Intimacy Choreographer: Elizabeth Woolford
Fight Choreographer: Ramsay Burgess
Fight Captain: Tessa Zitter
Makeup/Special Effects: Emma Richmond
Makeup Assistants: Andrea Aware, Avery Rose Pedell
Light Designer: Gabriel Ballard
Assistant Light Designer: Amaal Ladha
Master Electrician: Joaquina Guevara
Set Designer: Maya Hayda
Master Carpenter: Max Johnson
Carpenter: Capri Gehred-O'Connell
Sound Designer: Kira Newmark
Costumes: Kathryn Lopez
Props: Hongyuan Henry Yang
Publicity: Shuyuan Liu
Poster: Karen Xu
Light Board Operator: Joanna Gerber
Sound Board Operator: Shira Yeskel-Mednick
Production Assistant: Sophie Green


Music Director: Olivia Lopez
Music Director: Ayan Zamil
Vocal Director: Tessa Zitter
Composer: Rebecca Roff
Violin: Yudai Miyamoto
Violin: Sophia Andreadis
Percussion: Nola Nelson

Special Thanks to… Jeff Wilkins, Hansol Jung, Lexy Leuszler, O’Neill Lit 2018 (Helena, Alix, Libby, Isabel, Raffi, Bryan) Wenxuan Xue, Performing Asian Transnationalism Forum (Nathan, Esme, Shu, Amira, Henry), Rodrick Edwards, Kira Newmark, Elizabeth Woolford, Aby Crystal, Claudia Schatz, Lily Saint, Christine Scarfuto, Monica Blaze Leavitt, Jenny Peek, Michael Freiburger, Kriti Narayanan, Nathan Mullen, Olivia Gracey, Adelphic Educational Fund, Second Shades

For, and from, Donna Wilkins

Originally produced by Actors Theater of Louisville, KY dir. Leigh Silverman
Cardboard Piano is presented through special arrangement with Samuel French