Burying Gertrude Berg

MAY 11-13

Yoohoo! Ever heard of Gertrude Berg, aka Jewish Oprah, the Mother of Television, and the inventor of the sitcom? No? You're not alone! Discover your new role model in Jordan Roe’s debut play, “Burying Gertrude Berg”. “Burying Gertrude Berg” is a new biographical play that follows the rise and fall of the career of Gertrude Berg, a Jewish-American showrunner in the early to mid-20th century. Featuring cameo appearances from showbiz greats of yesteryear like Lucille Ball, Zero Mostel, and Milton Berle, the play explores the impact of sexism, anti-semitism, and blacklisting in America through the lens of Berg’s experiences in the entertainment industry.

Writer: Jordan Roe
Directors: Maggie Rothberg & Jordan Roe
Stage Managers: Pryor Krugman & Annie Ning


Scenic Designer: Bella Convertino & Estella Zeng
Lighting Designer: Susana Hair
Sound Designer: Julia Mitchell
Costume Designer: Anna Bruckner
Props Designers: Becca Weinzimer & Izzy Creavin
Projection Designers: Zack Lobel & Anik Bernstein
Hair and Makeup: Daniela Estrada
Publicity Coordinator: Ava Grob
Poster/Program Designer: Gabriel Drozdov
Photographer: Amanda Muntz
Master Carpenter: Danielle Lobo
Master Electrician: Levi Ask
Electricians: Sydney Taylor-Klaus, Anik Bernstein, Sammy Morreale, Cheyanne Williams, Nola Werlinich, Rebecca Roff
Run Crew: Ari Liu
Projections Operator: Alexa Code
Light Board Operator: Rebecca Roff
Sound Board Operator: Julia Mitchell
Camera: Daniel Osofsky


Gertrude Berg: Jordan Roe
Mostly Mensches: Jack Warren
Mostly Goys: Max Johnson
Mostly Shiksas: Katherine Policelli


Alex O’Shea, Jacob Casel, Anna Apostolidis, Lianne Yun, May Treuhaft-Ali, Danielle Lobo, Russell Goldman, Maya Herbsman, Ryan Dobrin, Connie Des Marais, Sammy Morreale, Lisa Roe, Catherine and Steven Riedel, Janet Kraybill, Adam Rothberg, Professor Eddie Torres, Professor Quiara Alegría Hudes, Professor Ronald Jenkins, Professor Rachel Greenblatt, Professor Jenny Caplan