Bat Boy: The Musical


When local children find a strange monster in a cave, half bat and half human, the townspeople want it killed immediately. However, the wife of the veterinarian has different ideas. With the help of her husband and teenage daughter, she hopes to civilize this creature and turn him into into a real part of the family... but there's just a few problems. For one, he only drinks blood. Can this possibly end well for the Bat Boy, the Parker family, the townspeople, and their cows?

Friday, October 27, 2017: 6PM & 10PM
Saturday, October 28, 2017: 7PM


Sexual Assault, Domestic Abuse, Strobe Lighting, Gun Effects, Self-Harm, Lynching, Incest


The Parker Family

Bat Boy/Edgar: Miguel Pérez-Glassner
Meredith Parker: Molly Bogin
Dr. Thomas Parker: Nick Ticali
Shelley Parker: Caroline Adams

The Taylor Family

Rick Taylor: Johnny Hayes
Ron Taylor: Jana O'Donnell
Ruthie Taylor: Ainsleigh Caldicott
Mrs. Taylor: Thea LaCrosse

The Local Government

Sheriff Reynolds: Joy Ming King
Mayor Maggie: Maria Noto
Daisy: Ainsleigh Caldicott
Lorraine: Johnny Hayes

The Ranchers

Bud: Ben Russman
Ned: Jana O'Donnell
Roy: Thea LaCrosse

The Out-Of-Towners

Rev. Billy Hightower: Dominique Monserrat
Pan: Nate Ko

The Dancers

Pryor Krugman
Sam Petersen
Charlotte Rich
Iris Ridley


Director: Tekla Monson
Stage Manager: Sammi Aibinder
Associate Director: Ryan Dobrin
Assistant Stage Managers: Phoebe Landsman, Betsy Zaubler

Vocal Director: Ella Caplin
Pit Director: Johnnie Gilmore
Choreographer: Tyler Clarke

Lighting Designer: Susana Hair
Set Designer: Phuong Le
Props Designer: Ilana Newman
Costume Designer: Jessica Brandon
Sound Designer: Josh Davidoff
Sound Engineer: Eli Solomon
Graphic Designer: Maxine Go

Set Drafting: Chi Chi Wakabayashi
Fight Choreographer: Aaron Josephs
Props Assistant: Amy Geiger
Costume Assistant: Nick Cantin
Master Electrician: Levi Ask
Master Carpenter: Candace Powning
Rehearsal Pianist: Jackson Barnett
Run Crew: Nick Cantin, Amy Geiger

Second Stage General Advisors: Gabriel Drozdov, Phillip Heilbron


Bass: Johnnie Gilmore
Drums: Max Cembalest
Keys: Jackson Barnett
Guitar: Jeremy Freeman
Clarinet: Ethan Chupp
Conductor: Ella Caplin
Onstage Trumpet: Ben Russman


Psi U
Karina Caban
Becky Eder
Caridad Cruz
Marissa Dibilio
David Monson
Sahil Singhvi
Affordable Fabrics
Annie Ning
Jonas Powell
Miranda Haymon

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