Bare: A Staged Concert

Music by Damon Intrabartolo
Lyrics by Jon Hartmere
Book by Hartmere and Intrabartolo

MAR. 6-8

A pulsating, electric contemporary rock musical, bare follows a group of students at a Catholic boarding school as they grapple with issues of sexuality, identity, and the future. Peter and Jason have fallen in love with each other, but Jason -- a popular athlete -- fears being discovered to be gay. Unpopular Nadia, Jason’s sister, is contemptuous of Ivy, a beautiful girl with a questionable reputation. As the group attempts to put up a production of Romeo and Juliet, tensions flare, self-doubt simmers, and God’s path seems more difficult to find than ever. bare rings with the sounds of youthful repression and revolt. With a unique sung-through pop score, heart-pounding lyrics, and a cast of bright young characters, bare is a provocative and utterly honest look at the dangers of baring your soul, and the consequences of continuing to hide.

Trigger warnings: Strong language, homophobia, suicide, body dysmorphia, sexual intimacy, pregnancy. Please be advised that we will use strobe lights in this production.


Peter: Marcos Pinto-Leite
Jason: Michael Bloom
Ivy: Sydnie Rathe
Nadia: Alex O'Shea
Matt: Jonesy Moore
Priest: Drew Weiss
Kyra: Margaret Sullivan
Tanya: Luna Mac-Williams
Rory: Jolie Villegas
Diane: Maya Krugman
Lucas: William Miner
Zack: Ellis Collier
Alan: Benjamin Filio
Violet: Tessa Zitter
Claire: Maren Westgard


Director: Keith Jones
Stage Manager: Elizabeth Nefferdorf
Assistant Stage Manager: Anna Buchmueller
Pit Director: Charlotte Babbin
Music Director: Nick Parker
Assistant Musical Director: Caroline Pitton
Set Designer: Max Sanborn
Light Designer: Matt Grimaldi
Costume Designer: India Dixon
Fight Choreographer: Tessa Zitter
Props Designer: Caitlin Sergi
Assistant Props Designer: Samantha Hoppe
Sound Designer: Elijah Comas
Publicity: Ben Sulzinsky
Master Electricians: Jonesy Moore and Talia Feldsher
Master Carpenter: Max Sanborn
LBO: Katelin Penner
SBO: Anna Buchmueller
Photographer: Samantha Hoppe
Production Managers: Thea Lacrosse and Ramsey Burgess
Dramaturg: Esmé Ng


Flute: Dustin Qian
Cello: Isabella Gibaldi
Guitar 1: Matthew Forker
Guitar 2: Justin Johnson
Keyboard 1: Irene Westfall
Ketboard 2: Jared Christopher
Drums: Cassidy Soloff
Bass: Ben Russman