Make your play or musical even better.

Through AnyStage, Second Stage organizes readings and workshops all semester so that you can receive valuable feedback on your script. It's one thing to edit your play or musical by yourself, but presenting the work to others reveals new insight that you may never have thought of alone.


Get involved for the first time.

AnyStage is perfect for anyone who wants to try writing, acting, or directing for the first time. The nature of AnyStage means that everyone involved is just trying to improve themselves, so readings and workshops offer low-stress environments for students to try new things without the pressure of being perfect on the first attempt.


Join others in presenting original student material.

The AnyStage Festival is an annual event where we organize several original plays or musicals to present as staged readings either around campus or in the Patricelli '92 Theater.  The Festival opens up numerous opportunities to get involved in Wesleyan's theater community and theater in general, so be on the lookout for how to sign up!


To access the AnyStage application, click here.

For more information, please contact our current AnyStage Consultants.


Past Festivals

Fall 2017
Fall 2018