Second Stage is a student-run, volunteer organization that facilitates the creation of Wesleyan student theater in a safe environment.

We help produce shows that are designed, directed, tech-ed and performed entirely by Wesleyan students. Second Stage has accumulated a vast array of theatrical resources ranging from its extensive costume, props, sound, and lighting inventories, to the Patricelli '92 Theater, to our fully-equipped scene shop. We produce up to twelve shows every semester and work hard to teach other students how to engage in theater in unprecedented ways.

We act as advisers to the student teams for each show, as well as liaisons to the Theater Department, and provide professional-quality resources allowing students to safely create full-scale productions throughout their time at Wesleyan. Our technical experience allows us to encourage safe theatrical experimentation with all levels of production. We let students realize their theater-related dreams that they would otherwise never be able to reach.


Second Stage staff members are also here to learn.

Staff members get the opportunity to run a fully-fledged theater production company. Each member participates in curating theatrical seasons, budgeting productions, approving designs, maintaining the '92, and guiding students through the full process all the way to strike.

Although staff members may be creative, this job is an administrative task: it's no small feat to manage the creation of twelve productions in one semester while training individuals trying theater for the first time. If this sounds at all interesting to you, learn more by contacting one of our current staff members or visiting our relevant webpage.