A Little Epic: A Succinct Love Story

October 14-15
@Alpha Delta Phi

The singular, sharp-tongued princess Ariadne has been presumed dead for years when she crashes King Theseus’s party in Athens and demands to know why he abandoned her on a desolate island. Using her shrewd command of language, she forces him to relive their bittersweet romance the way she remembers it. A contemporary exploration of the labyrinth myth, A Little Epic: A Succinct Love Story gives Ariadne the chance to write her own ending.

Playwright Miranda Hoyt-Disick
Director Ali Jamali
Costume Designer Jaina Wollowitz
Graphic Designer Justina Yam
Light Designer Becca Engle
Props Designer Maya Dorn
Set Designer Alison Lam
Sound Designer Miranda Gohh