A Chorus Line

A Chorus Line is a musical set in the 1970s about a group of dancers auditioning to be in the ensemble of a Broadway show. The story is centered on the director and the dancers who make it past the first round of auditions. Throughout the casting process, the characters describe (and sing/dance about!) formative life moments that influenced their decision to pursue a life in the arts. The show is based on true stories, but these narratives are timeless and relatable to anyone with a passion for performing. 


Al: Unique Wenxuan Xue
Bebe: Bella Convertino
Bobby: Tiler Wilson
Cassie: Jessie Abdow
Connie: Elisa Greenberg
Diana: Naomi Okada
Don: Noah Miller-Medzon
Greg: Pryor Krugman
Judy: Tekla Monson
Kristine: Kavya Padmanabhan
Lorie: Lexie Cowan
Maggie: Caroline Adams
Mark: Griffin Godsick
Mike: Capri Gehred-O’Connell
Paul: Christopher DeSanges
Richie: Jessica Wolinsky
Sheila: Maddie Ulevich
Val: Langston Lynch
Zach: Zack Brida

Dance Ensemble: 
Anna Krotinger
Katie Lowen
Ilana Newman
Maddy Paull
Charlotte Rich
Iris Ridley


Director: Jessica Perelman
Stage Manager: Sonya Levine
Choreographer: Cara Bendich
Music Director: Torie Davids
Assistant Stage Managers: Jessica Brandon, Maxine Go
Assistant Choreographer: Mary Johnson
Set Designer: Rafe Forman
Lighting Designer: Becca Engle
Light Board Operator: Emma Fuller-Monk
Master Electrician: Avi Stein
Master Carpenter: Jordan Tragash
Sound Designer: Miranda Gohh
Props Designer: Uma Dieffenbach
Costume Designer: Dominoe Jones
Hair/Makeup Designer: Katie Hohl
Assistant Makeup Designer: Daniela Estrada
Poster Design: Arianna Tamaddon



Conductor: Torie Davids
Keyboard: Johnnie Gilmore, Cal Mirowitz
Bass: Gabe Leeman
Drums: Max Cembalest
Trombone: Matthew Forker
Trumpet: Kati Young, Hannah Gillis
Reeds: Phillip Heilbron, Josh Davidoff, Ethan Chupp, David Lopez-Wade