Stories Better Never Told: The Library Project

November 2nd
@Olin Library

The Students of ENGL 000 invite you to join us for an evening of words, wisdom, mischief, and magic. Stories Better Never Told removes the characters of The Odyssey from the world of Homer's epic and places them in the familiar but mysterious realm of the Olin LIbrary Stacks. Watch, listen, read, and explore with the ensemble in this interdisciplinary, immersive theatrical experience. 

The Students of ENGL 000 is:
Addison McDowell, Alex Van Patten, Alexandra Stovicek, Ben Romero, Ben Zucker, Caitlin O'Keeffe, Charlotte Sarraille, Claire Whitehouse, Colin O'Connor, Connor Justice, Dominic Sieminski, Emilie Pass, Emily Feher, Emma MacLean, Gabe Gordon, Jacob Sussman, Jess Cummings, Julia Holewinski, Kimora Brock, Linsin Smith, Margaret Curtis, Matthew Hixon, Michelle Agresti, Molly Balsam, Nick Martino, Rachel Day, Sarah Esocoff, Sophia Jennings, and Sophie Zinser

Collective Motion is:
Ari Markowitz, Casey Smith, Caroline Shadle, DeNeile Cooper, Ella Israeli, Eury German, Kate Davis, Katherine Clifford, Miranda Orbach, Min Suh, Rick Manayan, and Tess Scriptunas