Second Stage Terms


General Advisor. A Second Stage Staff member who is the main supervisor for a show. General Advisors assist and advise with whatever needs a show may have.


Staff Representative. House staff for Second Stage shows. Staff Representatives will arrive an hour before your show to deal with ticketing, ushers, and whatever the show needs leading up to the performance.


Director & Stage Manager. These are the two people who tend to spearhead and run the shows. We will meet with shows' DSM teams at a few points throughout the show's process to make sure everything is running on track.


AnyStage is a place to try out theater in a live setting under low pressure. You can act, write, or direct in AnyStage productions, which do not require staging (although feel free to stage your show!) and go up all semester. The AnyStage Festival happens once a year usually during the fall semester, during which numerous AnyStage shows go up during a short span of time in various campus spaces. It's a great place to get your feet wet and meet people if you're new to theater!


One-Day Plays (The 24 Hour Plays: Wesleyan University). This is Wesleyan's version of the oft-produced The 24 Hour Plays, where actors, directors, and writers come together to write, direct, and act in short plays in just 24 hours! Writers stay up overnight, while directors and actors work all day starting the following morning to put on the craziest best productions they possibly can in such a short time span.

Monday Meetings

If you are directing, stage managing, or designing a show, you'll be required to attend several Monday meetings throughout the semester leading up to your show. During these meetings, we'll make sure everything is in place and help you finalize budgets and any other problems your show may be having. It's also a great place to ask questions since every Second Stage staff member (should) be there!

To learn more about Monday meetings, click here. To see the current schedule for Monday meetings, click here.