Second Stage is

Maggie Rothberg
Managing Liaison
(914) 393-9435,

Danielle Lobo
Building and Maintenance Liaison, One-Day Plays
(860) 549-6268,

Phillip Heilbron
Lights and Riggings Liaison, Music Coordinator
(617) 894-4124,

Ramsay Burgess
Properties Manager, Arms Master, AnyStage Consultant
(301) 221-6277,

Gabriel Drozdov
Sound Specialist, Publicity, Website, Music Coordinator
(914) 815-2709,

Hope Fourie
Costumes, Historian, Outreach & Development

Susana Hair
Campus Space Coordinator, Historian
(202) 445-0169,

Emma Johnson
Outreach & Development, Workshop Coordinator, One-Day Plays
(202) 802-1685,

Dominoe Jones
Costumes, AnyStage Consultant
(512) 496-7010,

Aaron Josephs
Properties Manager, Arms Master, Workshop Coordinator
(919) 428-8872,

Sammy Morreale
Outreach & Development, Sound
(845) 264-1887,

Annie Ning
Rights & Royalties, Properties Manager, Arms Master, One-Day Plays
(331) 330-6091,

Adam Rahman
Outreach & Development, AnyStage Consultant, Publicity, Website
(347) 593-7525,

Jordan Tragash
Properties Manager, Arms Master, One-Day Plays, Door-Slamming Consultant
(860) 707-9479,

Aby Crystal
New Staffer

Analiese Guettinger
New Staffer

Leila Kashani-Sabet
New Staffer

Pryor Krugman
New Staffer

Lea Moore
New Staffer

For general inquiries, feel free to email the current Managing Liaison.