Second Stage Staff Positions


Managing Liaison. This staffer is the backbone of the Second Stage team (supervisor of money and organization), without whom we'd be completely and utterly lost in all regards.


Building & Maintenance Liaison. This staffer is another backbone of the Second Stage team (supervisor of sets and the shop), without whom we'd ultimately hurt ourselves doing anything.


Lights & Riggings Liaison. This staffer is the third (not final!) backbone of the Second Stage team (supervisor of lights and rigging...), without whom we'd ultimately break all of the lights in the '92.


Outreach & Development. These staffers are responsible for helping individuals work with Second Stage and to foster better relationships between the Wesleyan community and Second Stage.

Campus Space Coordinator

The Campus Space Coordinator helps you book your campus space (if you're not going up in the '92) and manage seating arrangements for that location.

Rights & Royalties

The staffer in charge of Rights & Royalties makes sure you get the proper rights to put on your show (the cost of which will be part of your budget).

Properties ManageR

The Properties Manager manages the props closet and all of its goodies. This staffer will also be your go-to person for any props questions or props budget queries (since we often already own items that you may want for your show).

Arms Master

The Arms Master is like the Properties Manager, except the Arms Master oversees all the neato weapons. This staffer will also be your go-to person for any weapons questions or weapons budget queries (or ethical concerns).


The staffer in charge of Costumes is like the Properties Manager and Arms Master, except the staffer in charge of Costumes is in charge of our crazy collection of costumes (and the dressing room in the '92). This staffer will also be your go-to person for any costume questions or costume budget queries.

Sound Specialist

The Sound Specialist manages the sound inventory (i.e. XLR cables, microphones, etc.) and advises sound designers and engineers for '92 and campus-space productions on how to get the best sound out of any location. This staffer will also be your go-to person for any sound questions or sound budget queries (including audio equipment rentals).


The Historian takes minutes (i.e. notes) during all Monday Meetings, as well as manages our physical archive of posters and documents.

Music Coordinator

If you're doing a musical, the Music Coordinator give you some advice on how to effectively rehearse your show and will try their best to get you more specific information in case there are difficult sections of your production.

AnyStage Consultant

These staffers run AnyStage and can help you get started acting, playwriting, or directing.


These staffers coordinate One-Day Plays (aka The 24 Hour Plays) and will knock on your door if you don't wake up to rehearse.


This staffer manages ticketing and (sometimes) graphic design for Second Stage.


This staffer manages this (!) website and (sometimes) does graphic design for Second Stage.