How to Spend Money, and Eventually Get It Back

So your show's been approved and you're getting everything together, and all of your designers are saying they need to buy things. No worries! Every show Second Stage sponsors gets a budget with one caveat: we do not provide funds, but the university will refund any approved purchases you make (although refunds do take a bit of time to go through).

We will explain the budgeting process at every Monday meeting, but we understand that it's easy to forget the specifics so here's the process for spending money on Second Stage productions:


Before spending anything, the show's budget must be approved. We'll first approve your total budget (based on approximations for the cost of each design element of your show) and then approve individual items for purchasing during your Monday meetings.

Second Stage will not be able to reimburse you for any unapproved purchases.

Once your itemized budget is approved for specific purchases, please keep the following things in mind:

How to get reimbursed

  • Save all receipts!
  • Do not use points or Middletown cash!
  • You must use your credit/debit card with your name, not your parents' or anyone else's.
  • Do not highlight receipts!
  • Give all receipts to your Stage Manager, who will then give them to the ML at strike.

The reimbursement system is a long and slow process. If you need to buy an expensive item but don't have the funds to wait an entire semester for reimbursement, we have a couple of extra options (such as money orders through the theater department).


Make sure all the receipts including the following:

  • The name of the vendor.
  • The name of the spender (you!).
  • Spender's (your) WesBox number.
  • The name of the show.
  • A description of the item.
  • Proof of purchase (i.e. last four digits of your credit card must be on the invoice!).
  • If re-totaled (in the case that you make another purchase in the same order unrelated the budget purchase), please circle the actual total!