Monday Meetings

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Second stage holds three required (and one optional) meetings with each Second Stage show in the month leading up to its performance. All members of the production team must attend.  This includes but is not limited to the director, the stage manager, assistant stage managers, all designers (set, lights, sound, costume and props), and the music director, if applicable.

If any of your required production team members are unable to attend the meeting, or if you cannot bring any of the required documents, please contact your General Advisors at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the meeting.

Required Materials

Please send all required emails to your GAs the night before your meeting.

4-Week Meeting

  • Itemized budget
  • Cast & crew contact information
  • Preliminary set design

2-Week Meeting

  • Updated itemized budget
  • Updated set design (if it has changed)
  • Preliminary light plot
  • Poster draft (which can be hand-drawn)

1-Week Meeting

  • Final itemized budget
  • Four (4) copies of your final poster
  • Information about your paperless program