Handling of Props in the '92 Theater and the CFA


  1. The Second Stage props room is open to all who may wish to borrow a prop-- student groups, film theses, and Second Stage shows alike-- however, priority will be given to Second Stage shows. Please note, Second Stage is required to give the Theater Department full priority over use of props and furniture.
  2. The ‘92 Props Room is open by appointment, subject to the availability of Properties Manager(s). Any and all intending borrowers should request an appointment via an email sent to all acting Properties Managers, including ideal dates and times for the appointment, and a list of objects needed.
    1. Note: Designers of Second Stage sponsored shows are required to schedule consultations at least a week before their load in unless otherwise specified. 
  3. At least one Properties Manager must be present for the lending/return of objects, or another member of staff with the express permission of a Properties Manager. Access of the ‘92 Theater Props Room for non-members of Second Stage Staff is strictly prohibited without the presence of a Second Stage Properties Manager, unless express permission is granted otherwise.


  1. To check out any furniture stored in the CFA Shop, props/set designers must first email the acting Properties Managers requesting an appointment and including ideal dates and times (within existing hours) and basic descriptions of the objects they are looking for.
  2. Second Stage requires renting designers schedule a consultation at least one week before their load-in. 

Note: Properties Managers recommend that designers schedule two consultations prior to checking out furniture from the CFA, specifically at the 4 and 2 week marks. The 4-week consultation will serve as a chance for designers to develop a better understanding of the selection of the CFA. Between weeks 4 and 2, we recommend designers meet with their directors to discuss/ confirm their ideas/ selections, and at week 2, designers should have stopped by again to reserve this furniture for their show. 


  1. CFA props hours, while varying from semester to semester, exist between a Monday-Friday, 9-5 range unless otherwise specified. If a show's designer wishes to borrow CFA set pieces for that particular show, they may pick them up either the Friday before their tech week, or the Monday of.
  2. Each item lent requires the signature, name,  phone,  wesbox, and wesid of the renting designer, signifying that they are monetarily responsible for all items borrowed during the lending period. 
  3. Preliminary item checks will be made prior to all props and furniture lending, in the presence of the renting designer. In each check, properties managers will note any flaws in the items and record accordingly. If items are returned in worse than original condition, the designer will be held monetarily responsible. 

Note: both 'original condition' and ‘returned condition’ will be decided at the discretion of the Assistant Technical Director of the CFA as well as the Properties Managers. 


  1. Pre show: Designers who wish to pick up Friday (and thus be able to load in over the weekend), will be granted temporary storage for their set pieces in a storage area designated by Second Stage. This storage is to ensure that the show that is preparing for their tech does not in any way interfere with the show currently in tech, and is to be relinquished as a storage space as soon as the show using it loads their stored set pieces in.
  2. Post Show: upon the strike/ completion of a show, lent CFA furniture may remain in the '92 until the Monday following strike, at which point it is to be returned to the CFA as per CFA returns protocol, denoted below.


  1. Designers are required to be available and present for their strike, no exceptions. At this time, Properties Managers will accompany them and their props to the props room, where all borrowed props will be returned,  and all newly- acquired items will be inventoried.

Note: if upon check-in items are missing or damaged, designers will be held monetarily responsible at the discretion of the Properties Managers. 


  1. All item returns to the CFA must be made the Monday after strike, no exceptions. 
  2. Designers are to schedule an appointment for their returns either at strike, or via email according to the policy above.
  3. Upon returning borrowed furniture, final item checks will be made by the Assistant Technical Director of the CFA and the Properties Managers, who will check to ensure that items received no further damage while in the designer’s care.

The Properties Managers and the Assistant Technical Director of the CFA reserve the right to refuse to lend props to individuals who habitually return damaged props or fail to return props.