Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Second Stage?

We help make student theater! Emphasis on the help; Second Stage is an organization to facilitate student theater in a learning environment. For more information on what we do, see our "What We Do" page, and to see who's who on staff, see our "Who We Are" page.

How do I apply to put on a show?

At the end of every semester, we accept show sponsorship applications for the following semester.

what do i need to do to put on a show?

Please refer to our production guide (available here) or more information.

What resources do i have for my show? 

At the '92 Theater, we have a wonderful collection of hand props, a small collection of costumes, a fully functional scene shop, and a range of lighting and sound equipment. We also maintain an amicable relationship with the CFA's costume and prop shops. For more specifics, please contact the appropriate staff member.

What performance spaces are available?

Second Stage places shows either in the '92 Theater or in campus spaces. Directors of campus space shows will work with our Campus Space Coordinator to secure a location for their performance. Some frequently used spaces include Westco Cafe and program houses, and there are also many other outdoor spaces and classroom-type spaces that can also be appropriate for certain shows.

Can I put up my thesis/senior project/class assignment with Second Stage?

Second Stage will not use its funding to finance curricular projects.

How else can I get involved?

There are two other ways to become involved with Second Stage: joining staff or working on a show.  If you want to become involved with a show, try emailing the listserv ( to ask if anyone needs any help with anything.  We are not currently accepting staff applications – that usually happens towards the end of each semester – but if you think you might be interested, we recommend that you contact to a current staff member.

How do I join the listerv?

Fill out this form to get involved!

Is theater experience required in order to get involved?

Absolutely not!

Wesleyan Theater Resources

Does Second Stage have a costume shop?
Second Stage has a small collection of costumes and sewing machines located in the '92 Theater. Please contact Sofie Somoroff or Hope Fourie at least 12 hours in advance to set up a time to look at the collection.  The Center for the Arts has a much larger collection; they are located in the basement of the CFA theater (accessible through the theater studios).

What are the Center for the Arts costume shop lending hours?
The costume shop lending hours have yet to be announced for this semester.

Where can I get props for my show?
Second Stage maintains a nice collection of hand props (aka, small, hand-held props) housed in the basement of the '92 Theater.  If you are looking for larger items (furniture, etc), we recommend you look at the CFA theater's collection. Contact Cheyanne Williams or Aaron Josephs for help with props

What are the CFA props lending hours?
CFA props and furniture lending hours are by appointment only. Please contact Cheyanne Williams to set up a time.

What are the Second Stage hand props lending hours?
The hand prop collection is housed at the Patricelli '92 Theater. Prop lending is by appointment only; please contact Cheyenne Williams or Aaron Josephs at least 12 hours in advance to set up a time.

Where should I print posters for my show?
In the past we have found Cardinal Print and Copy to be the most cost effective and the most convenient for printing posters. Their offices are located inside the mail room basement of Usdan. If you would like to get something printed, email and attach a pdf or image file. Minuteman Press on Main Street and Staples on Washington Street also do printing, although we ask that you only use them if you need something printed that Cardinal Printing cannot do.

Other Useful Information

How do I get tickets for Second Stage shows?
Tickets for Second Stage shows will be through Tickets for the weekend will go live at 6pm on Wednesday. All tickets are free, and all seating is first-come, first-serve.  

How do you produce so many awesome shows without charging for admission?
Second Stage is funded through the WSA. However, we have some large costs that come with running a theater. We also accept donations to help us renovate and improve the '92 Theater. 
To donate, visit this link, and in the Special Instructions section write "Second Stage Special Projects"

I am a prefrosh interested in theater at Wesleyan.  Who can I talk to?
Feel free to contact any of the staff members listed on our contact page. If you're visiting Wes and would like to come see a show, please email the Managing Liaison no later than the Tuesday before you come so we can reserve you a seat.