Feb. 1-3

What's a Part of Us
Directed by Isaac Gotterer
GAs: Jordan Tragash, Phillip Heilbron, Maggie Rothberg

Feb. 8-10

Weekend of Workshops

Feb. 17

One-Day Plays
Coordinators: Danielle Lobo, Sammy Morreale


MAR. 1-3

I and You
Directed by Gabe Brosius
GA: Annie Ning, Jordan Tragash

Mar. 8-10

Sunset Baby
Directed by Ruby Fludzinski
GAs: Emma Johnson, Susana Hair

Frau Dada
Directed by Anna Apostolidis
GAs: Maggie Rothberg, Aaron Josephs

Mar. 29-31

Directed by Annie Ning
GAs: Susana Hair, Sammy Morreale

Constance & Sinestra and the Cabinet of Screams
Directed by Ryan Dobrin
GAs: Jordan Tragash, Adam Rahman


APR. 5-7

Directed by Sam Pollak
GAs: Hope Fourie, Ramsay Burgess

APR. 12-14

The Last Five Years
Directed by Nathan Pugh
GAs: Gabriel Drozdov, Emma Johnson

APR. 26-28

The Metamorphosis
Directed by Grace Sanford
GAs: Ramsay Burgess, Danielle Lobo

Directed by Lauren Stock
GAs: Aaron Josephs, Hope Fourie


May 3-5

Directed by Jordan Tragash
GAs: Annie Ning, Sammy Morreale

May 10-12

Burning Memory
Directed by Nathan Baron Silvern
GAs: Dominoe Jones, Gabriel Drozdov