Burying Gertrude Berg

May 11-13
@'92 theater

Written by Jordan Roe
Directed by Jordan Roe and Maggie Rothberg

Yoohoo! Ever heard of Gertrude Berg, aka Jewish Oprah, the Mother of Television, and the inventor of the sitcom? No? You're not alone! Discover your new role model in Jordan Roe’s debut play, Burying Gertrude Berg. Burying Gertrude Berg is a new biographical play that follows the rise and fall of the career of Gertrude Berg, a Jewish-American showrunner in the early to mid-20th century. Featuring cameo appearances from showbiz greats of yesteryear like Lucille Ball, Zero Mostel, and Milton Berle, the play explores the impact of sexism, anti-semitism, and blacklisting in America through the lens of Berg’s experiences in the entertainment industry. Visit the Patricelli 92 Theater May 11-13th to meet the archetypal Jewish mother, and learn why the most influential woman in television was buried in history.