Two shows this weekend! The Metamorphosis and Proof.

Tickets available 12:15PM on the day of each performance

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The Metamorphosis

April 26-28
@'92 Theater


Mother: An Pham
Father: Josh Rode
Sister: Hannah Gallogly
Gregor: Alex Carroll-Cabanes
Player: Polly Pierone


Director: Grace Sanford
Stage Manager: Maggie Walters
Assistant Director: Saam Niami Jailnous
Production Designer: Hope Fourie
Set Designer (Wood): Ella Larsen
Light Designer: Jackie Manginelli
Costume Designer: Ruby Beenhouwer
Props Designer: Dani Lobo
Sound Designer: Charlie Schine
Publicity: Anabelle Doliner
Welders: Sung Joon Kim, Jake Abraham
Master Carpenter: Cade Sorgman
Master Electrician: Aby Crystal
LBO: Eliza Wilkins
SBO: Charlie Schine

Special Thanks

Kim Taylor, Rosie Reid, Dominoe Jones, Ramsay Burgess, and Gloria



April 26-28
@ADP Greene Room


Catherine: Shana Laski
Harold "Hal" Dobbs: Ari Golin
Robert: Max Cembalest
Claire: Ainsleigh Caldicott


Director: Lauren Stock
Stage Manager: Nika Litt
Lighting Designer: Talia Feldscher
Sound Designer: Jack Kraus
Props Designer: Sophie Linett
Costume Designer: Alina Whatley
Set Designer: Ava Calabrese Grob
Publicity Designer: Elena Mehlman
Hair and Makeup Designer: Sami Gable
Master Electrician: Matt Grimaldi
Electrician: Jonesy Moore
Master Carpenter: Maggie Rothberg
SBO: Taylin Hunter

Special Thanks

Michael Stock, Brian Gligor, Hope Fourie, Aaron Josephs, Valerie, Hauss-Smith, Grace Jackson, The Alpha Delta Phi House residents, Jane Tewksbury, Gillian Wilson, and Alison Keough

It is with sincere respect that Second Stage and the Wesleyan Department of Theater acknowledges that the Patricelli '92 Theater occupies the traditional indigenous homeland of the Wangunk people.